Some Thoughts About Poetry

This quarter, I decided to try out an Intro to Creative Writing Class and honestly, it was an incredible decision. I’ve always loved creative writing and I used to draft stories all the time. In high school, I wrote a rough draft of a manuscript for a dystopian novel that was over 300 pages long. While that novel will likely never be published, it was my passion for a long time.

Writing prose always brought up roadblocks for me though, and I could never figure out why. I had so many great ideas that never came to completion. Through this class, I think I figured out why I wasn’t successfully writing.

I was stuck in prose and had never given poetry a chance.

In this course, we’ve read, analyzed, and drawn inspiration from a variety of writers and poets. Through this, I realized something very beautiful: that I have a passion for poetry.

I think I’ve finally figured out what direction I want to take this blog in: a poetry blog. Probably mostly analysis and appreciation for now, but maybe I’ll post some original works here and there. Who knows? Maybe I’ll curate an anthology someday.

Stay tuned!

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