Day 3: Gratitude

It’s day #3 of the poetry challenge I set out to do! Technically, yes, it’s April 5th, but I’m catching up!

3. What are you most grateful for?

This is a difficult prompt, since I have so many blessings and privileges in my life already, so finding the thing I’m most grateful for is no small task. At first, I was going to have a hodgepodge mess of a poem. I planned to create a name poem, where the letters of “G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E” were each a line representing something I am grateful for.

Then, when I started writing, my heart stuck on the letter G. My youngest sister’s name is Gracee, and I nicknamed her “Goose” several years ago. The following unfolded from that point.


For Goose, 2018

Go, little goose, go on with glee
Run throughout the summer oak trees
Always remember you’re a lot like me
Throughout the years, you’ve been my buddy
I’ve watched you grow, ma chère amie
Take these moments, cherish these,
Use them to be who you’re meant to be
Dare to dream, so beautifully free
Everything will be fine, wait and see

I enjoyed writing this! Just a little bit of fun. The only problem is, now I want to hang out with my sister but she’s several states away! I’ll just have to wait til I come visit in June.

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