Day 4: Qualities in a Friend

As you can tell, I’m struggling to keep up with this. In my defense, this is the first quarter of my entire college career thus far where I’ve been successfully kept up with class homework and readings. Mostly the readings. You’d think having been a bookworm as a kid would have made me a fast reader, but nope, I’m about the slowest bookworm in history. So actually doing the readings for class consistently is a big step for me. It only took me 6 quarters to get into a groove!

Anyway, enough excuses, back to poetry.

4. The most important qualities in a friend

Much like the gratitude one, this is a challenge to narrow down. Recently in class, however, we studied list poetry, so that was convenient timing for a prompt that is most likely going to need to be a list!

Friday Nights at 1am

We are ー
We are clattering bits of hard plastic candy on sturdy wooden tables
           cheering at both a victory or a critical failure
           triumph at slaying the dragon
           the figures on a hexagonal grid map, a battle strategy

We are ー
We are sleepy mornings at the library cafe
           typing away silently
           or drawing on a trackpad
           or chatting about the early morning classes that day
           or chatting about classes we have next
           or chatting about that paper we should’ve started much sooner

We are ー
We are a walk to the grocery store
           reusable totes in tow
           a single avocado at 6am
           a rare kinder egg
           a plan to try soy sausage
           pizza and pasta on the way back

We are ー
We are iced lattes in the dead of winter
           Junior Mint hot chocolate Keurig cups
           a plushie, a red panda snuggle
           a scary monkey puppet
           a pair of betta fish

We are ー
We are everyday
We are Tuesdays at dinnertime
We are Thursday evenings
           or way-too-late Sunday school nights
           or waiting til the end of the week
           or Friday mornings, sitting through classes
Friday midday at the cafe
Friday afternoon getting ready
Friday evening, never alone
           always together
           always a family
We are Friday nights at 1am.

This was a little tricky to get onto my blog. I like using spaces and playing with visuals and I had to tweak the HTML to get it to actually work on this platform but hopefully it posts the way I intended! If you’re on mobile, it’s probably super messed up. I’m sorry!

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