Day 5: Bad Habits

Habits are so difficult to keep up with. Especially when it comes to breaking bad ones! Today’s prompt reminded me of bad habits, so I thought I’d

5. One thing you need to stop doing

So I have an issue where I’m literally too accommodating to other people. I love helping people, I love taking on projects for people, I love being relied on. I end up stretching myself way too thin.

Not gonna lie, I’ve had writer’s block with this one. While the other prompts were delayed because of general life business, I couldn’t complete this one because it was difficult.


People Pleaser

How can I help you?
What can I do?
How can I make this up to you?
Can this improve?

You’d like to meet up?
You need to be covered?
You’re in a small rut?
You feel you’ve been smothered?

You’ve come to the right place
Because, well, you see
No one has time
Like busy little me

I can sort out your projects
I can lend you a shirt
I can listen to troubles
Or make you sound smart

I say yes to every request
And respond to their pleas
Because I think I have time
Worn out little me

Hey, look at that, I was able to be vulnerable on the internet. I wanted to add the sing-song, nursery rhyme-like cadence to add an ironic, light-hearted approach to a big issue I have. Soften the blow, you know? I’ve done this before when writing about issues revolving around anxiety. There’s a sort of cognitive dissonance there that I like.

I’ve been doing better lately though! I’m trying to balance how much I can handle versus how much I want to take on at a time.

Hopefully, now that I’ve gotten past this writer’s block, I’ll be able to work towards getting back on track!

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