Day 7: #mood

Emotions are funny things. One small action can have an impact on your entire mood for the day. I know people who have an incredible handle on their emotions. My boyfriend, for example, is probably the pinnacle of controlling-emotions. If something’s bothering him, he’s still completely capable of thinking clearly and functioning. I, on the other hand, am a whirlwind of emotions. I have always worn my heart on my sleeve. If something is bothering me, everyone in my close proximity will know about it. I’m lucky to be dating a guy who’s able to balance me out when I spin out of control

7. How are you feeling today?

It’s a pretty nice day so far so this will be a pleasant poem!


Two Sailors Dream of Home

anything that happened yesterday was washed away
on a wave of fish oil and good dreams
and now the sun is our lighthouse home
and the gentle, carefree winds fill our sails

she holds the tie-dye waters in her hands
on the shores of a quaint green island
last night’s salty sour tears have
dissolved in the rest of the sea

and he is happy once again
waking up with love in his heart
and a cool, freshwater shower cleans
the seafoam from his softened skin

I know we’ve been through hell and high water
and I know we’ll be fine
because after being through these ocean hurricanes
the smooth sailing becomes so sweet

I know it probably needs editing, but the beauty of this challenge is that it’s National Poetry Writing Month, not National Poetry Editing Month! I think National Poetry Editing Month should be in May, what do you think?

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