Day 8: Three Things

This prompt is going to be difficult. I am supposed to write about three things I have in common with my best friend, which is a problem because how do you define a best friend? And who is my best friend?

8. Three things you and your best friend have in common

So naturally, the only reasonable thing to do here is making a bunch of vague statements about a bunch of people because a lot of my friends are my best friends. There is no other possible answer.


Three Things

We love our art
We love our hugs
Our stupid jokes
Our stupid movies
Our sweaters we knit
Our own laughter

We believe in representation
We believe in overcoming anxiety
We’re loud when we’re passionate
Our tattoos we got together
Our no-nonsense attitude
But our ability to be goofy in the end

We love to cook
We love wearing color and floral prints
Our hazel eyes
Our fiery temper
Our hearts sing
And we love adventure

Again, it’s definitely rough and probably makes zero sense but hey! I’ll figure it out later.

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