Day 9: Life Story

This one’s going to be fun!

9. Tell your life story in 5 sentences.

I’m tweaking this to be five lines. Also, something super convenient: my current age is divisible by 5, so I can split it between the five really naturally!


Becoming Me

Beloved tot, sweet Southern Belle, learning to walk, becomes
smart kid making books, scribbly handwriting gen pens, becomes
angry pre-teen, thinks herself superior yet vastly inferior, becomes
nervous wreck teenager under the weight of a thousand tests, becomes
sleepy young adult, finally catching her breath.

Also, not gonna lie, that was all one sentence, so that’s pretty rad. If I’m going off of the original prompt, I could write four more of those. Maybe I will eventually since this was a pretty vague piece that could apply to a lot of people for different reasons. But isn’t that the point?

Today I had my first poetry workshop session in class, and I received really great feedback! For the most part, my professor and classmates really enjoyed my work, and I can’t wait to edit it!

“Haiku #1” and “For Goose, 2018” was submitted as two of the five pieces I wrote for the workshop, and they were pretty well received! I’m going to work on them and probably create posts or pages specifically showcasing them.

Or maybe I just won’t post it, but make you wait until I curate and publish a collection. Gosh, I would love to do that someday. Who knows!

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