Day 10: Wanderlust

I’m almost a third of the way through!! Woohoo!

10. A place you have never been.

I haven’t been a lot of places. I’ve wanted to travel for as long as I can remember. Narrowing down my travel bucket list is no small task.


Itchy Feet

I’ve always been a wanderer
A girl with itchy feet
I can’t seem to just sit still
Places to go, people to meet

Since I was eight years old
I’ve known I’d travel far
To oceans, deserts, jungles and lakes
Or even among the stars

I’ve been abroad three places
I desperately want more
I know I’m fortunate to say
The world’s an open door

There’s a quote by St. Augustine
That’s grown on me with age:
“The world’s a book, those who don’t travel
ready only one page.”

There are way too many places I want to go for me to dedicate one poem to them, so I decided to write a general wanderlust poem instead. I hope you have enjoyed!

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