Day 13: Decisions, Decisions

Alright, time for another poem! With each one of these, I’m catching up slowly but surely. I figure if I write at least two a day, I’ll be back on track before I know it.

13. How do you make decisions?

Oh boy. My decision-making is typically sporadic and inconsistent. I’m either the most indecisive person in the world or I’ve made up my mind in half a second and there’s no changing it. This should be interesting.

Make Up Your Mind

sometimes, I’m quick
a minute, a moment, a breath
a single instance to think and

a decision as been made

Etched In Stone.

sometimes, I’m careful
an hour, a day, a week
a lifetime to weigh options

draft after draft edited and revised
every outcome analyzed
every detail profread
until the final decision is completely
different from the start

There’s not much in between
too little time or too much time
but things have seemed to
run smoothly so far?

I think there’s a lot of potential here! I look forward to editing this one. I might even submit it in class for feedback, since we have two chances in the quarter to do so.

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