Day 17: Very Punny

Ohhh boy, this should be fun.

17. A pun

My friends and I make puns all the time. Some are really good, most are really quite terrible. In poetry, puns usually aren’t the kinds of things that make you groan and say “come on, dude, cut it out,” but rather, they’re clever double meanings that add dimensions to the works.

In a class exercise, we wrote ekphrasis poems in reaction to works by Laura Wait, an artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My professor has curated and displayed a selection of Wait’s works in our university library. The piece I was given to examine, analyze, and be inspired by was Volute #6, which is absolutely gorgeous and costs $2,750. Someday I’ll be rich enough to afford art and I’ll have a gorgeous, personally curated collection of works. Someday…

Here is my (rough) draft of an ekphrasis poem. It’s literally just a sketched out draft of what could be a neat poem one day, but for now, this is all it is.


Ekphrasis: Volute #6

Where do I even begin?

The cover. Crisscross and around and around on a charcoal background with glittering spectacles. Volcanic rock. Firmly bound in brown, a gap of exposed spine, black and white spiral about 3/5 of the way up.

Open it.

Vivid black ink on strong cardstock. “VOLUTE” or chronos Irochronium. Wait 2008. U wait. I wait for a breath and turn the page.

Bright yallow-green or green-yellow. Stamped, dark green labyrinth with a shamrock center. Stamped, orangey-red labyrinth with a square center. Text. “SEVEN RINGS LABYRINTH/GREEK 1200 BC 7:1/11:4.”

It says its Greek.

Indian mandala in India Hopi script from America. Birth and death and life and cycles. Mandala. Labyrinth. Glyph. Fibonacci. Same. Same. Different.

I feel like I had a strong start in the beginning but it kinda collapses at the end because I was rushing to get a ton of thoughts out there. Like I said, it’s just a sketch, I’m hoping to set up a time to go back to the piece in the library and have a little more time with it.

But HR, aren’t you forgetting something? Where’s the pun?

I used the artist’s signature as a pun. It was on the page as a credit to who created the piece and when, but I took it as a subtle command to really take in what I was seeing. Does this count? I don’t know. Poetry is hard.

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