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Another Mysterious Edition

I checked my mail this evening and was delighted to find yet another edition to my mysterious POETRY Magazine collection!

This edition is tied for my favorite cover design with the July/August edition (the watercolor one on the bottom). I love the purpley shade of pink with the old English font.

The back of every edition has a nice little quote from a poet on the back. The November edition (Volume 213, No 2) is

There are fresh worlds still to be heard.

Frank Sherlock

I especially like this quote on the back cover of the POETRY Magazine, I feel like I’ll embark on something exciting this edition!

The back cover also has a short list of poets featured:

  • Tiana Clark
  • Lucia Perillo
  • Yanyi

Exciting stuff! Now that these editions seem to be regularly coming in (thank you again, mystery donor!) I plan to do these little blurbs.

Kinda like when YouTubers or Instagram stars “unbox” their subscription boxes, I’ll “unbox” my mysterious POETRY Magazine editions!

Thank you again to whoever is sending me these! I still don’t know who you are but I really appreciate it!

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