My Poetry

Pitter Patter

O child, my child

Take care where you tread

These people, glass beneath your feet.

They shimmer, dazzling

But they are broken.


O child, young child

How gently your hands cradle

These shattered fragments before you.

A jigsaw heap for you to fix,

Beware their jagged edges.


O child, lovely child

You place the pieces together,

Look closely.

See your eyes in their reflections

Do you see what you’re putting together?


O child, sweet child

Your heart is strong

Pumping life throughout your being.

If your fingers catch shards

You will not stop the bleeding.


O child, my child

I cannot dull their edges.

I just hope

You’re not punished with scars

To match those on my own fingers and feet.

“Pitter Patter” was originally written in 2017, and has gone through many, many changes. This poem was originally written by me, Hannah Renea Bumgarner. It has been featured on Wolff Poetry Literary Journal.

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