Who Am I?

My name is Hannah Renea! I am 19, and I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Denver. I’m double majoring in International Studies and Film & Production Studies with a minor in French. I love to stay involved on campus and help other students out, so I thought, why not start a college blog? So here I am! I’ll post advice, tidbits from my classes that I find interesting, and days in the life of a college student.

Why the name?

Honey In My Hair stems from a self care routine I habitually perform every Sunday night during the school year. I use a honey hair mask, and the self care routine very much centers around that mask. So typically, after I post my bimonthly blog, I’ll begin my routine! Stay tuned for a posts dedicated to Sunday nights and self care!


I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay at my blog! Feel free to comment on my posts, follow my Insta, and have a wonderful week!