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Hannah Renea Bumgarner

An undergraduate student who enjoys poetry, DND, and writing in general. Plenty of shenanigans and a whole lotta anxiety wrapped up in a 5'4" frame. Thanks for stopping by!

Challenge Update

I’ve fallen behind on my challenge! Ah! In my defense though, I’ve been swamped between moving, finals, and starting a new job all at once. I’ll hopefully have a chance to get back on track once some things slow down a bit. I just wanted to keep y’all […]

Happy Pride, Walt Whitman!

Happy, happy Pride Month! To celebrate, I’m gonna spotlight some awesome queer poets and authors! First up is Walt Whitman! Whitman was known for kickstarting free verse and remains one of the most influential American poets in history! His well-known and first big collection, Leaves of Grass (1855), […]