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Hannah Renea Bumgarner

An undergraduate student who enjoys poetry, DND, and writing in general. Plenty of shenanigans and a whole lotta anxiety wrapped up in a 5'4" frame. Thanks for stopping by!

Pitter Patter

O child, my child Take care where you tread These people, glass beneath your feet. They shimmer, dazzling But they are broken.   O child, young child How gently your hands cradle These shattered fragments before you. A jigsaw heap for you to fix, Beware their jagged edges. […]

Lit is Lit

Hey everyone! I have a very exciting announcement to make. My friends and I have published the first episode of our literary podcast, Lit is Lit! It’s so nice to not be a one-woman show anymore, and I cannot wait to continue to work on this project! My […]