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Challenge Update

I’ve fallen behind on my challenge! Ah! In my defense though, I’ve been swamped between moving, finals, and starting a new job all at once. I’ll hopefully have a chance to get back on track once some things slow down a bit. I just wanted to keep y’all […]

Day 15: Necessities

Almost caught up! After this, I’ll only need to write two more poems to be back on track. Hopefully once I get there, I can focus and stick to it. 15. 10 things you should always have Looks like we’re gonna do another list poem!   All the […]

Day 14: Kindness

Aww, I love this prompt! Kindness is so warm and good. Let’s get going! 14. Describe kindness I think it makes sense to do another acrostic, shall we?   Kindness Kitchen mornings, you bring me tea just the way I like it I know that with you, I’m […]