Day 9: Life Story

This one's going to be fun! 9. Tell your life story in 5 sentences. I'm tweaking this to be five lines. Also, something super convenient: my current age is divisible by 5, so I can split it between the five really naturally!   Becoming Me Beloved tot, sweet Southern Belle, learning to walk, becomes smart kid … Continue reading Day 9: Life Story

Day 8: Three Things

This prompt is going to be difficult. I am supposed to write about three things I have in common with my best friend, which is a problem because how do you define a best friend? And who is my best friend? 8. Three things you and your best friend have in common So naturally, the only … Continue reading Day 8: Three Things

Day 7: #mood

Emotions are funny things. One small action can have an impact on your entire mood for the day. I know people who have an incredible handle on their emotions. My boyfriend, for example, is probably the pinnacle of controlling-emotions. If something's bothering him, he's still completely capable of thinking clearly and functioning. I, on the … Continue reading Day 7: #mood

Day 6: Good Habits

I think this post will be a natural transition from the last post I did! Always a fun time to have things that line up back-to-back. 6. One thing you need to start doing. I've been trying to keep track of a habits log in my Bullet Journal, so I have a whole list of … Continue reading Day 6: Good Habits

Day 5: Bad Habits

Habits are so difficult to keep up with. Especially when it comes to breaking bad ones! Today's prompt reminded me of bad habits, so I thought I'd 5. One thing you need to stop doing So I have an issue where I'm literally too accommodating to other people. I love helping people, I love taking … Continue reading Day 5: Bad Habits

Day 4: Qualities in a Friend

As you can tell, I'm struggling to keep up with this. In my defense, this is the first quarter of my entire college career thus far where I've been successfully kept up with class homework and readings. Mostly the readings. You'd think having been a bookworm as a kid would have made me a fast … Continue reading Day 4: Qualities in a Friend

Day 3: Gratitude

It's day #3 of the poetry challenge I set out to do! Technically, yes, it's April 5th, but I'm catching up! 3. What are you most grateful for? This is a difficult prompt, since I have so many blessings and privileges in my life already, so finding the thing I'm most grateful for is no … Continue reading Day 3: Gratitude

Day 2: Home Prompt

I know I'm still a couple of days behind on my challenge, but I'm still determined to continue on! 2.  What place do you consider your home? I decided to really stretch this particular prompt and challenged myself to write a villanelle, which is a 19-line poem with a specific alternating rhyme scheme. I'll probably write … Continue reading Day 2: Home Prompt

Day 1: My First Haiku!

Finally posting my first poem! Not only is this my first piece for my poetry challenge, it's the first time I've posted an original work on my blog. Today's prompt: Your biggest dream As I mentioned in my first post this month, I'm going to be altering these prompts as I see fit. They're a … Continue reading Day 1: My First Haiku!

Happy Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month, and I am very excited to get back into a groove with this blog. I can't wait to share with y'all what I have planned for this month! Poetry Class! For one thing, I'm finally in a poetry class again. It feels so good to be back on a set … Continue reading Happy Poetry Month!