5 Book Recommendations for National Book Lover’s Day

I'll break up my usual every-other-Sunday routine for a special occasion. In this case, it's because it is a national holiday, National Book Lover's Day! As a bibliophile myself, I thought there were be something inherently wrong if my blog didn't feature a book for this incredibly important holiday. I'm very happy to say I've … Continue reading 5 Book Recommendations for National Book Lover’s Day

4 Pictures That Define Cosmopolitanism

For the past four weeks, I've been taking an online class called Culture & Identity in World Politics through my school, the University of Denver. Throughout the course, we've been reading about and discussing what makes up an identity, what makes us who we are, and how it applies to the rest of the world. We're concluding the course on cosmopolitanism, a school of thought that basically means you don't identify with any one place or culture, but rather you consider yourself a citizen of the world. Our final assignment is to compile a set of images that representing cosmopolitanism. Here are four photos that represent cosmopolitanism.