Day 3: Gratitude

It's day #3 of the poetry challenge I set out to do! Technically, yes, it's April 5th, but I'm catching up! 3. What are you most grateful for? This is a difficult prompt, since I have so many blessings and privileges in my life already, so finding the thing I'm most grateful for is no … Continue reading Day 3: Gratitude

Day 2: Home Prompt

I know I'm still a couple of days behind on my challenge, but I'm still determined to continue on! 2.  What place do you consider your home? I decided to really stretch this particular prompt and challenged myself to write a villanelle, which is a 19-line poem with a specific alternating rhyme scheme. I'll probably write … Continue reading Day 2: Home Prompt

Day 1: My First Haiku!

Finally posting my first poem! Not only is this my first piece for my poetry challenge, it's the first time I've posted an original work on my blog. Today's prompt: Your biggest dream As I mentioned in my first post this month, I'm going to be altering these prompts as I see fit. They're a … Continue reading Day 1: My First Haiku!

Autumn Book Recommendations

It's fall, y'all! The first day of autumn was two days ago and Colorado has decided to go from sunny, high 80s weather and hot to cold and rainy overnight. I couldn't be happier about it. I am so ready for sweater weather.

How to Make Assigned Readings Suck Less

I'm honestly the worst when it comes to assigned readings, but I have a couple of tricks to make it not so terrible. Read on to find some of these techniques!