Straying from Form: Rekdal & the Faux-stina

I'm subscribed to the Poetry Foundation's podcast Audio Poem of the Day. I subscribed to this myself, it's not a mystery like their magazine has been. The recordings are sometimes voiced by the poets that wrote them, which I'm a big fan of because every so often you get a little poet's note where they might … Continue reading Straying from Form: Rekdal & the Faux-stina

Poetry 101: Villanelles

Photo by Thought Catalog I love learning about new forms of poetry! Recently in class, we studied the villanelle form, and I thought I would share a bit about it with you. A villanelle is a 19-line poem with an alternating rhyme scheme of sorts. It's made up of six stanzas, the first five are … Continue reading Poetry 101: Villanelles

Poetry 101: Feet

You may be wondering what feet have to do with poetry. That's fair, it does seem super odd at first. I suppose the word "feet" has a double meaning if we look at it metaphorically (which, of course, we're going to do, because we're poetry lovers). Syllables in poetry stand on feet, in a way. … Continue reading Poetry 101: Feet